Sale Introduction

This page will help you get started with the sale endpoint.

Tax regulation in Latin America is ever-changing. Twenty-four tax updates per day occur in Latin America.

Having a platform that stays up-to-date is key to managing tax compliance in a safe way.

This is why Brinta provides the sale API endpoint. With it you can determine and calculate the correct tax in real-time for:

  • product views on your site (using real-time data of your user and location)
  • checkout experience
  • managing payment subscriptions
  • registering new products on a catalog
  • generating invoices
  • adding and checking tax information with your ERP and accounting software

To make a correct tax determination, Brinta needs to know the following variables:

  • the location and tax status of the supplier
  • the location and tax status of the buyer
  • the model of the transaction (marketplace, direct sale, etc)
  • the products information and categories

Furthermore, you can store these sales in our system so Brinta can reconcile all information and prepare all tax filings on your behalf. Simply mark the type as "sale", and that's it.

... and you are good to go!

Let's dive into the Sale endpoint.