Welcome to Brinta

Welcome to Brinta!

With Brinta's API, you are able to manage your tax compliance across Latin America easily.

eCommerce and Digital companies like yours can integrate with Brinta to automate tax calculations, store transactions, register with local tax authorities, and file taxes as per each country's requirements.

Plus, you can easily create locally-compliant invoices and e-invoices in each country that Brinta covers.

In this API documentation, you can find how to:

  • Create a transaction and calculate its taxes
  • Find a given transaction or tax calculation
  • Update a transaction with a new status, invoice number, or transaction ID
  • Generate a total or partial refund for tracking tax management and compliance
  • Find a given refund
  • Update a refund with a new status
  • Create a transfer
  • Find a given transfer
  • Update a transfer with a new status
  • Create an invoice
  • Find a given invoice
  • Register a company with the local tax authority