Create an invoice

Create an invoice

Create invoices through API.

You can create Sale Invoices, Credit Notes, or even Purchase Invoices in some countries that require to.

Just change the invoice type, and you are ready.

In order to obtain the invoice, you will need to use our Invoice webhooks.


In the response, you will have the following parameters attached to the entire info of the invoice sent in the Request

idintegerID of the invoice request in Brinta's system.
statusstringStatus of the invoice. Check Invoice status codes
status_descriptionstringDescription of the status. Check Invoice status codes
invoice_numberstringThe ID of the invoice. It appears when the status is "created".
pdfstringURI that links to the invoice in pdf format. It appears when the status is "created".
base64_xmlstringEntire XML of the invoice. It appears when the status is "created".
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